Pokkiri Raja Movie Review


Next time someone complains you off yawning or if you’re about to scold someone off this act, beware – it might not be a disorder, but could be a miraculous power. Ram Prakash Rayappan, who made a promising debut with ‘Tamizhukku En Ondrai Azhuthavum’, draws an impulsive theme laced with humour and action, where a fantasy theme based on ‘Yawning’ as been picked up.

The film is about a handsome youngster (Jiiva), who is often indulged in yawning and when things are completely turning against him for this reason, it is revealed that he has possessed a phenomenal power from one of his ancestral grandpa, a hermit during the pre-independence era. Meanwhile, he comes across a beautiful girl (Hansika Motwani) and falls in love with her. But sooner, he has to clash with a baddie (Sibiraj) for a reason and rest of the movie involved the confrontations.


On the performance, everyone has done a decent job and there is nothing to blame them. Sibiraj, especially has given his best, which reminds us off his father Sathyaraj’s exceptional performance in baddie role laced with humour. Jiiva is spontaneous with his performance and he keeps up his best for his entertainment. Hansika Motwani is definitely the center of attraction, where she would woo the young lads in theatres.

Nothing specific about the songs as the screenplay turns sluggish and uninteresting with the placement of tracks.

Overall, Pokkiri Raja when narrated in one line holds a substantial theme, but it cannot hold our attention for a span of nearly 2 hours. All that you can appreciate after watching the film is the best efforts of star-cast with scarcely found humour elements.


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