A multi-billionaire’s life turns upside down when his mother gets into coma after an accident in the factory. While the medical aids from the top doctors and hospitals are at stake, the billionaire has to go through a penance as instructed by a God man, to lead a life as beggar for next 48 days without revealing his true identity. Will this journey of upheavals yield him better results?

Filmmaker Sasi with just films to mention in his directorial career has chosen unique themes. His films based on friendship and love has always been incredible in terms of treatment. In Pichaikkaran, Sasi handles an emotional tale loosely inspired from the real life incident. The basic core of this film is emotional and it has been very handled by the auteur with a convincing writing.

Although, the major backdrop is about the man’s journey as a beggar, Sasi distinctly brings in the realism with the right blend, where the lifestyle of roadside beggars is exhibited perfectly. Listen to one the beggars in this film say, “Just like other professionals, we too have timings. After 6 p.m., we get involved with our personal lives,” though it evokes laughter, it projects realism. The transgender with Forex deals and the mini damaged car serving as homes, where the second sales of foreign shirts for the evening wear are blunt and stark to relish upon…

The encounter involving Vijay Antony and the God man has an emotional impact and the last 20 minutes moistens your eyes. Director Sasi has narrated these final moments with so much of detailing, that creates an instant urge among audiences to see what could the protagonist’s decision, when his girlfriend Magizh (Satna Titus) is almost bleeding to death. It holds more moments of emotions and of course, the mass appeal too.

The film has an appropriate balance of humour too, which is rationally engrossing as well. Watch out for the sequence, where one of the beggars call up FM Station and give a solution to eradicate poverty by stopping the 500 and 1000 note currencies and immediately hear an analyst claiming him to be a wizard from Oxford University.

When it comes to romance, it has been very well imaged with beautiful moments between Vijay Antony and Satna Titus, where they have a hidden link from the past. The friendship between Vijay Antony and Bhagavathi Perumal is expressed with inmost appeal. Just a small conversation between them during pre-climax is more than enough of illustration.

We aren’t bringing anything upon performances. It’s because they all have lived as characters and it’s a rarity to see audiences forget the identity of actors and see them as characters.

Since all the songs occur as montages, they don’t hamper the screenplay anywhere and with the running length of 130 minutes, things are intact.

Pichaikkaran doesn’t hold any major drawbacks. Filmmaker Sasi deserves his best scores for making a film with decent elements that will surely cater the family audiences. Above all kudos to Vijay Antony for choosing unique scripts in every film….

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