Mappillai Singam Movie Review


Vimal and Anjali – the sensational combo has always been savouring the tastes of commercial film lovers in their movies like Kalakalappu. Moreover, the humorous combo of Vimal and Soori has ticked in family audiences, who always enjoy their show in tickling the funny bones. Debutant Rajashekar has managed to bring them all together in this movie titled ‘Mappillai Singam’, which is a family entertainer set against the rural backdrops. The film has lots of humour with almost all the characters exhibiting the hilarious moments.

Vemal happens to be the nephew of Radharavi, who has been ruling head of Councilor in their zone. Munishkanth happens to be their contender, who has always lost in the elections. He has been silently in love with his cousin girl (Anjali), who happens to be the daughter of Jayaprakash. When Madhumila, daughter of Radharavi and Anjali’s brother fall in love, the families on feudal disputes get more ferocious and to a surprise, both Vimal and Anjali have already developed a soft corner for each other. Will they be able to overcome the family hurdles and marry each other?

The combination of Vimal, Anjali and Soori have become the safest bets for producers and distributors, that too in the village backdrops is so much off advantage. In this film, it has worked out a lot for the audiences across rural and sub-urban areas to be entertained. The first half of this movie has lively moments that doesn’t look like an hour has passed by and the second half slightly drops down the momentum, but they are back in pace with the climax that is done in Sundar C movie style.

The songs aren’t so much on its top, but the engaging screenplay, especially the humorous quotients keep the film at best moments. Vimal and Anjali deliver naturalistic performance. Soori is best in humour and so are Munishkanth (a) Ramdoss and Lollu Sabha Swaminathan. Jayaprakash has very small sequences to play, but does it convincingly.

On the whole, Mappillai Singam is a decorous family entertainer, which can work out as a stress buster.

Verdict: Stress Buster for all….


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