Hollywood twins for Aishwarya’s film


Hollywood choreographer duo Poonam and Priyanka Sha have been roped in for Aishwarya Arjun’s next Kadhalin Pon Veedhiyil, the dream project of her dad Action King Arjun, who has taken the onus of producing and directing the movie. Aishwarya tells us why she wanted the twins for a crucial peppy number in the movie.

“There’s an intro scene, which is more organic in the film, which appa wanted to shoot differently. When he and I were watching a video of the Sha twins, we were very impressed. He suggested that we do something similar. We thought we would give it a try, but were not sure if they would agree. To our surprise, they were receptive and were excited to be part of an Indian film.”

She adds, “They flew down to Mumbai and were thrilled with the track. Their style is called ‘Bharatanatyam-popping’, which is a fusion of different forms of dance. The movements are very fast. Though I know Indian film dance and have learnt Kathak, I am not very conversant with their style, and it was very challenging. I rehearsed for three days, which was taxing. I have never practiced so hard in my life (laughs). The girls were very sweet and we had fun during the jamming sessions.” The intro dance bit sans a song, was shot at a Mumbai studio recently, all in a day’s time.

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