Acting for the first time was exciting: Sharanya


Sharanya Srinivas, daughter of well-known singer Srinivas, had no plans of acting, until Kozhai, a music video happened. Conceptualised by lyricist Madhan Karky and composed by her father, the music video talks about how everyone has a ‘kozhai’ (coward) hiding inside them.

“Madhan Karky approached my father with the idea and I sang the track. Initially, I was only supposed to be singing the track, but then, I was also asked to act in it. It was quite exciting to be acting for the first time,” she says. Talking about the video, she says, “There are so many things that happen around us that anger us or annoy us, but for some reason we don’t question them and choose to remain silent. The video talks about all the things that happen in front of this girl, who continues to be a mute spectator.”

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